Eat JUNK FOOD & LOSE upto 5 kgs a month
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Eat JUNK FOOD & Lose up to 5 Kilograms a Month

7 Secret Tips to lose up to 5 kgs. of body fat a month

If you ask someone, what to do if you want to reduce your body weight, the very first advice you will get is to stop eating junk food totally. And what if you can’t stop having it and if it is a part of your lifestyle? Won’t you be able to control your body weight in that scenario? Is it not possible to reduce weight and eat junk food at the same time? What if I tell you that it is possible to eat junk food and lose up to 5 kilograms of body weight a month without stopping junk food! It sounds like a win-win situation when you can have ‘Cheese Burst Pizza and American Cheese Burger’ and still lose kilograms.

Eat JUNK FOOD & Lose up to 5 Kilograms a Month
Eat JUNK FOOD & Lose up to 5 Kilograms a Month

But is it possible?

Yes it is possible with the secret that i am going to reveal.

Does it mean working out endlessly in the Gym to burn that loaded calories and cheese meal?

No not at fact, you don’t even have to work out. Just follow your daily routine and follow the secret which I am going to share with you. But if you train with the points that I am going to share then that is going to aid your fat loss massively)

So how can you be in a win win situation?

You just have to follow these 7 secret fat loss steps to feel lighter.

‘7 secret steps’ to lose up to 5 kilograms a month are:

The first step is to have a full glass of Ashgourd/winter melon juice empty stomach without adding anything to it. if you want to add something then you can add a pinch of black pepper. And if it’s not available then the 2nd best option is to have fresh coconut water or fresh vegetable juice, not the packed ones, only fresh. After drinking the juice you are not allowed to eat anything for at least 90 minutes. If you can stretch it for 120 mins. then that would be great. This juice will clean your intestines.

  • Room temperature water or Lukewarm water

The Second Step is to have at least 2 glasses of room temperature water or Lukewarm water. Drink it 30 minutes prior to your every meal. This will help you in controlling your appetite.

  • Junk Food timing

The Third Step is whatever junk food you want to, burger, fries etc. You should consume it by lunch because after lunch your body won’t be able to utilize its energy at its max and will convert it into fat.

  • Ginger Tea (also known as Golden Tea)

The fourth step is to boil a 1-inch piece of peeled and crushed ginger(it should be fresh) in 200-250 ml of water, boil it until it comes to around 100-150 ml. and then let it cool down and wait until it becomes lukewarm and then drink it slowly(only water not crushed ginger pieces). You should drink this magical golden tea within half an hour of your junk food meal. This tea will boost your metabolism and will help in flushing out the junk food you had.

  • Last meal of the Day

The fifth step is to have your last meal which is going to be dinner at least 3 hours prior to your bedtime..if you can have it 4 hours prior then that’s awesome..but no food after dinner.

  • Cinnamon Tea

The Sixth Step is to have cinnamon tea within 30 minutes after having your dinner. What you have to do is to boil a glass of water (200ml.) add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, stir it(it won’t get dissolved)and drink it lukewarm.

The seventh Step is the old golden saying ‘early to bed early to rise’. Wakeup before Sunrise or with Sunrise and go to bed early so that you get a good night sleep. This golden step has multidimensional benefits attached to it. It will bring your stress level down, clear your mental vision, will boost your energy and will help in a big way to balance your hormones.

In this routine training is not a must but if you do train then it’s a cherry on top. Some sort of physical activity is essential in everyone’s life.

Note: don’t follow this routine for more than a month. If you want to continue it then give a gap of at least 2 months.

By any mean, I am not promoting junk food here. Junk food was Junk food is and Junk food will always be bad for health.

I am an Athlete with over 15+ years of Experience in Fitness & Nutrition. This website is all about my Knowledge which I would love to share with you all.

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