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Has the Food Industry ‘HIJACKED your INTELLECT’?

What if I tell you that the food industry has ‘hijacked your intellect’

Good Morning, It’s a bright sunny morning. Perfect weather to read the Newspaper. But wait, where is the news in the newspaper or should it be called an advertising paper with some news?

When you read a newspaper generally what you see first is a big advertisement and at times it’s a full-page advertisement.

When you step out, the whole world is loaded with advertisements.

But why do they spend so much on it?

Because they what to glue their product in your conscious and subconscious mind. So that when you plan to buy a certain product, their product should come first in your mind. Even if you are not planning to buy anything then the advertisement should create such an impact to urge you to buy their product.

But why is it bad? every businessman wants to sell their product and generate maximum profit!

Yes right, it is not bad at all..but what’s worse is the ‘FALSE & FAKE Information’ and the way they play with our intellect.

Let’s talk about ‘FOOD INDUSTRY’ in particular.

Never judge a product by its cover rather read the back of it ‘Ingredient section and Nutritional information’.

But why?

Because the real truth about the product is mentioned over there.

Imagine you go out to buy some food products.


Let’s take a bottle of mayonnaise…

The label says its 90% sugar-free and then your mind gets a signal that oh, it is sugar-free or very less in sugar. The fact is that ‘mayonnaise is a fat-rich product, not sugar-rich’ but they won’t mention it anywhere on the front.

Let’s take a sweet dressing sauce

like a sweet onion. Here the label says its 90% or more fat less again. Your brain gets a signal oh it’s a healthy product but it is very unhealthy because a major chunk of it is just simple sugar.

Now comes wheat bread

oh, it’s a wheat bread not refined wheat. But when you check the backside of the label ‘it’s actually a refined wheat bread with just around 10-20% of whole wheat flour in it. They won’t mention it on the front cover in clear words that it’s actually a ‘refined wheat bread with added whole wheat flour’ because then you won’t buy it if you are looking for the whole wheat bread.


You must have heard about ‘CHYAWANPRASH‘(its a very famous product in India). Its a thick paste-like mixture of herbs and Indian Gooseberries(Indian Gooseberries are extremely healthy)which strengthens your immune system. Just before the winter season, the ads of different companies start popping up on television regarding their own Chyawanprash. They say it is loaded with Indian Gooseberry and many medicinal herbs. Wait, here is the catch, now let’s read the ingredients section. It mentions that it’s fully loaded with simple sugar, in fact, its anywhere between 65% to 75% simple sugar. But again they won’t sell it like sweet CHYAWANPRASH and put sugar Crystals picture on the front and now you know it, why won’t they sell it that way.

I believe until the government makes stronger laws in food and safety industry, they are going to mislead you and promote unhealthy products in a tricky healthy way. They know how to hijack your intellect with those fancy advertisements you get to see everywhere. (where the truth about the product is not said)and sell their product.


Note: It’s my research and experience..not here to downgrade any product or any brand.

I am an Athlete with over 15+ years of Experience in Fitness & Nutrition. This website is all about my Knowledge which I would love to share with you all.

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