HIIT Workout: what is it and how to do HIIT?
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HIIT Workout: what is it and how to do HIIT?

The world around us is changing very rapidly, everything has become easy for us. We are living in an era of innovation and creativity. This fast-paced change can also be seen in the fitness industry. Earlier we had to train for multiple hours at the gym to get our dream body but now the time has changed. ‘HIIT workout or High-Intensity Interval Training’ has transformed the fitness industry.

what is a HIIT workout?

High-intensity interval training, more famous as HIIT is a form of interval training. A HIIT workout is a mix of short intense activity with an even shorter resting period. In HIIT workout you give a minimum 80- 90% of your maximum limit during the short activity time. There is no universal HIIT routine duration but generally, these workouts tend to be short around 30 minutes because you are draining yourself to the max in each exercise you perform. (The duration of the workout also depends on the intensity of the session)

HIIT Workout: what is it and how to do HIIT?
High-Intensity Interval Training: Battle Rope Workout

The concept of ‘HIIT’ workout has revolutionized the fitness industry. These workouts are so intense, after just 5 minutes of training your muscles will start tiring and after the completion of the session your energy, your body will be fully drained. If these sessions are compared with the regular long hours’ gym sessions then these turn out to be much more effective.

HIIT has become a popular workout to burn fat in the fitness studios. This workout hits hard on stubborn fat storage areas in the body and adds muscle mass as well.

But can you do HIIT Workout every day?

It depends on your fitness level and how intensely are you doing it. If you are a beginner and do it with full intensity then do this twice a week. Your muscles will take more time to recover then the person who is regularly working out. But if you are a pro then you understand your body better than anyone else.

Are one of those who always get bored while training or don’t have time to workout? Just takeout 30 minutes out of your daily life. This workout can transform your body and give you the desired results in just 30 minutes.

HIIT is Flexible

  • Convert your workout into ‘HIIT’

You can convert any activity to a HIIT workout including strength training, running, swimming and even cycling. HIIT workout is flexible and you can create your working and resting ratio as per your level of fitness. The most effective ratio is 2:1 which means if you are working for 60 seconds then the duration of rest is 30 seconds and if you are working for 40 seconds then the duration of rest is 20 seconds.

  • HIIT home workout

if you don’t have time to go out, if you don’t feel like going to the fitness studio then you can perform it at home as well. You don’t need a studio for this workout. Just pick the best compound exercises like burpees, jumping squats, mountain climber, jumping lunges or any of your choice put them into 2:1 ratio as per your fitness level and perform it at home. Just a 30 mins HIIT home workout will transform you. Remember to add only compound exercises, not the isolated ones.

Most Preferred workout among athletes!

HIIT Workout: what is it and how to do HIIT?


Top athletes around the world prefer HIIT workout rather than regular gym or cardio. These are short intense and result oriented. The workout is an allrounder because it covers every aspect of fitness. Whether the goal is to increase fitness level, lose weight, strengthening muscles, a few minutes of this training seem to be much more effective than the longer duration of the moderate-paced workout. For athletes, HIIT is the best way to elevate their physical performance.

‘Mental Health’ benefits:

This workout has many mental health benefits. It helps to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

who all can do HIIT workout?

“High-Intensity Interval Training” is more famous with young people because they are more charged up but it can be performed by anyone. It does not matter whether you are a man or woman, young or old but you should have a decent fitness level and knowledge of correct forms.

Points to remember before starting with HIIT workout.

  • Use Protective Gears/Accessories

The very first thing which is on stake is your joints. HIIT can damage your joints as well if the exercises are not performed in a proper form. So be very cautious of the right form and use gears like knee, wrist, elbow pads/grips.

  • Health issue

If you are having any major health related problem or any breathing-related issue then you should consult the doctor first before joining this high-intensity workout.

  • Inform Your Trainer

Always remember you share all your health-related issues with the trainer so that he can customize the workout as per your health.

  • Injury

if you are having any injury then be very cautious of it because it’s a fast-paced workout and can worsen it.

  • WarmUp
HIIT Workout: what is it and how to do HIIT?
Always warm-up before the workout session

Warming up all the muscles and joints is very important before every workout and this workout should not be done without a proper warmup. The tension on muscles and joints is extreme in this workout. For the sake of avoiding injury and muscle tear, your body should be warmed up properly.

HIIT Workout has recently become more famous with the gyms and fitness studios. Now you can easily find a “High-Intensity Interval Training” class in a nearby gym.

HIIT Workout is known by many names like TABATA, Functional Training, Interval Training and of course HIIT.

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