How to increase TESTOSTERONE naturally
How to

How to increase TESTOSTERONE naturally?

‘Increase your Testosterone naturally without any artificial Substance”

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the human body naturally. The quantity of testosterone is a lot more in men than women because it is known to be a Male hormone.

What if the testosterone level is low?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and the higher level of testosterone makes you manlier. It has a major impact on a man’s appearance. From your hair to your looks to your physical body and most importantly your sex drive.

If the level of testosterone is low which is below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) then it’s a sign of worry for you.
Because it is going to have an impact on everything in your life like you will feel more lethargic it will lower your sex drive and you may not feel motivated and confident enough to do any physical activity. A lower level of testosterone will increase the level of stress hormone which is known as cortisol.

So can Testosterone be increased naturally? And if yes then how to increase TESTOSTERONE naturally?

A big YES,

you can increase your testosterone level naturally and fast.
There are people majorly from the fitness industry who will tell you to take steroids to skyrocket your testosterone level but you should stay away from such an advice because this option will have adverse effects on your body like if you take steroids it will instantly boost your testosterone level but your body will stop producing it because once you start taking it from an external source your mind will send the signal to your body to stop producing natural testosterone because your body is getting enough of it from outside and once you stop taking the artificial testosterone(you cannot take it for a longer period, it has many major side effects)then your body will crash because you body isn’t producing natural testosterone.

With time it will start the natural process of producing testosterone again but now the quantity of natural testosterone will be lesser than what it was produced earlier.

The natural way is the best way because in this you are not taking any substance or steroid and not putting your organs in dander rather optimizing the ability to produce more testosterone naturally.

Here are the 6 proven ways to increase your testosterone level naturally:

  • Nutrition
    You must have heard the saying that says we are what we eat and this saying is very much appropriate in the scenario of testosterone.
    Always remember to have food rich in ZINC, VITAMIN D and FATS.
    These three are going to increase your testosterone level but remember there’s a thin line when it comes to ‘fat’ because too much of it will have a negative impact.
    Dietary sources of Zinc-rich food are:
    Non Veg- Red meat, Shellfish, Whole egg
    Veg.-Legumes, seeds, nuts

Dietary sources of Vitamin D are
Nonveg.- Fatty fish, egg yolk
Veg.- Almond, Mushroom
Early morning sunlight for 20 mins

Dietary Sources of Fats
Desi Ghee, Coconut, Sesame, Mustard

  • Exercise

You can’t escape this. Yes, you need to work out at least 3 times a week. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the GYM and lift dumbbells and do endless cardio. If you don’t like going to the GYM it’s fine, now what you can do instead of Gyming you can try any other physical activity like Yoga, Pilates, etc. or you can choose a cardiovascular sport like Football, Lawn tennis, Swimming or it can be anyone which you like to play but remember one thing and that is your lower body should be very functional in the sport your gone choose to play.

If you can go to the Gym then there is nothing like that but remember the more intense and compact the training is the more testosterone your body will produce.

  • Sleep

A night of good night sleep is an essential part of increasing the testosterone level. When we go to sleep we turn off the lights and make the room darker because it helps in sleeping well, same way nature also turns off its lights slowly to tell us that it’s the time to sleep but we don’t get the signal anymore but rather sleep whenever we want and this process disturbs our biological clock and has a direct impact on our hormones. Always try to sleep on time and the most important thing is the quality of the sleep, it doesn’t matter whether you sleep for 8 hours a day or 6 hours a day but what matters is that you should feel fresh and experience the freshness once you wakeup.

  • Reduce your stress level

Nothing of the steps as mentioned above will work to it’s best if you have a lot of stress in your life. Focus more on eliminating stress from your life and create a joyful & positive environment around yourself. There are certain scientifically proven methods to reduce stress like deep breathing and meditation.
Do these exercises just before bedtime and early morning once you wake up and feel the difference.

  • Natural Herbs

Our nature has tremendous powers. In Ayurveda there’s a saying that every plant has medicinal properties it’s just that you should know using it. Some herbs can naturally boost your testosterone levels without the side effects.
Herbs like ashwagandha & gokshura can increase your testosterone levels quite effectively.
(Consult the doctors before using it)

  • Avoid Alcohol, Sugar & junk food

All your efforts will go in vain until you reduce the consumption of sugar alcohol & junk food. These foods are on the top when it comes to weight gain and if you are overweight it means the testosterone level in your body is not enough. So kindly limit the intake of these and if you can avoid these then it’s a cherry on top. Avoiding these will have a very positive impact on the production of natural testosterone and your body will start producing more testosterone.

“By following the steps as mentioned above you are going to increase your natural testosterone level very quickly and it will change your appearance & lifestyle in a better way and will make you healthier & confident”

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